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All design begins with an inkling, and each inkling has the potential to be a work of art.
Lauren Waller

Photo by Craig Litten
Hi, I'm Lauren!

I am the owner, founder, and chief inker at Inkling Creative, a freelance print graphic design company in South Florida. I work with small businesses to convert ideas, inklings, into works of art. Whether that’s something as simple as a card, or as complex as a logo, I am here to help you grow and make your world more appealing.

The Beginning

It all started when I was younger. I always asked for the latest art toy for holidays (I think Spin Art* was my favorite). Then in college I went to school to be a business major, and when I saw that my suitemate's graphic design homework looked a lot more fun than mine, I switched, and haven't looked back. I work every day because I love what I do.

But art simply for art's sake isn't enough.

As the author of everything, God Himself is the FIRST designer, so being created in His image means that we express His creative qualities. Unfortunately, sin has marred that expression so it is far less than perfect. As a designer, my purpose is to reflect the His character. I do this as a designer by creating excellent, ordered, beautiful designs. 

The Birth of Inkling Creative

I saw a need for beauty in the mundane, and that's why Inkling Creative was born.

For example, business cards aren't glamorous, but it really stands out when you receive a nice one. That's why I'm here. I'm here to make you shine. "Inkling Creative" name came because often, I begin as the name suggests: with an idea (an inkling), ink, and paper. Before a computer is even touched, sketches are made and design begins.

I'm a firm believer that art communicates. Good art, good graphic design, remains in customers' minds because it communicates well. Bad graphic design is fleeting because it communicates poorly. I'm here to help you communicate well.

In traditional comic book artistry, an "inker" is the line artist that gives an idea depth. As the "chief inker," I give ideas depth. I make ideas happen. I bring ideas to life.

Why Print?

At my first job after graduating from college, I was first introduced to print as part of communication in marketing. When I attended a Lunch'n Learn hosted by Franklin-Dodd Communications, the deal was sealed. What I learned here hooked me on the benefits of print in marketing, and my desire to be a part of the print design industry. You can read more of what I learned at my blog.

Inkling Creative specializes in print design and is based in Jupiter, Florida, but is not limited to that area. In the age of media and digital communication, work can be done from anywhere to anywhere. Inkling Apparel - by Inkling Creative - is a line of Christian clothing for children and adults.

Work with me and let me help with your inkling.

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