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3 Real Estate Marketing Myths

By Lauren Waller | Real Estate

May 01
Real Estate Marketing Myths

We are all prone to believing myths (for example, print is dead). But every industry is prone to believing its own set of myths. Business owners in this modern, technological age are predisposed to believe their own. Below are three real estate marketing myths that are common to real estate agents everywhere.

1. It’s all about word of mouth

This myth is believed in any industry because it can be said in any business: word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Though it may be the best, it’s rarely enough. In any business, but especially in real estate this is true. Even if you referral base is strong, if you aren’t constantly gaining new leads, you are always at risk.

2. If you build [a website], they will come

Websites serve as an excellent brochure. They share your expertise and display your products, but having a snazzy, dynamic, engaging website is not enough to bring clients to your doorstep. They must first know you exist.

The main goal of your real estate website should be to help you convert leads into sales. Morris Marketing Group puts it well when they say “for a home to sell, buyers must 1. know it exists, 2. know how and where to find it and 3. Be compelled to go see it. The same goes for a website.”

For a home to sell, buyers must 1. know it exists, 2. know how and where to find it and 3. Be compelled to go see it. The same goes for a website.

3. Social media will bring me new clients

Many real estate agents believe that if they have a strong presence on social media and are actively spreading their message customers will come. Customers don’t hire businesses because the are all over social media. They hire them because the customer believes the company (or individual) will provide value.

Certainly, being on social media can be helpful, but putting all your eggs in the social media basket doesn’t mean that clients will come to you that way.

These myths are just three reasons it is essential to use a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes print. I help with mail marketing or social media graphics. Contact me today to request an estimate.


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