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5 Strategies for Direct Mail Success

By Lauren Waller | Print

Feb 01
5 Strategies for Direct Mail Success

Everyone business owner wants their marketing efforts to be successful. After all, that’s what brings in customers (who bring in sales). And say you’ve already decided that you need to use print marketing, and that direct mail marketing is right for you. The next thing for you to figure out is how to make your direct mail campaign a success. Below are 5 strategies on how to do just that.


Know Your Goal

Knowing your goal is essential to achieve the benefits of direct mail success. After all, if you don’t know what you’re shooting for, you won’t know where to aim or if you hit it.

Know your Goal
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Know Your Market

Aside from knowing your goal, knowing your market is probably the most essential tip to gain success. When you know your market, you will speak directly to them and engage with them in ways others don’t. 

Target Audience

Quantum Digital shares a helpful formula for direct mail advertising:

Right audience + right message = success

Make an Impact

While the other elements of a direct mail campaign are very important, the creative element must not be forgotten. After all, the creative is what entices (or dissuades) your audience to read more.

Understand the basics of good design, copywriting, image selection, and formatting to make your postcard compelling. Strong headlines and bold imagery have the most impact on any audience.

Postcard Front

Be Simple

Simple, clear, and to the point messaging makes the biggest impression with your audience.

Include Relevant Information

You may have an intimate knowledge of your goal, a clearly defined market, and a well-designed brochure, but all of that is a waste if nobody knows how to respond to your mailings.

On every mailing, be sure to include how you want your potential customer to contact you. Include contact information such as your name, logo, phone number, email, web address, or links to any social profiles. Doing this ensures customers know who and how to contact when they’re ready.


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